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Unique structure and content integrated to digitally-facilitate English language skills quickly and confidently

Online or face to face, training is mostly just listening.  Does any application of learning really happen? Generally when lectures end, a quiz is taken, certificates are collected and participants go on their merry way with no discernible change.

Our facilitated-learning platform is different, combining asynchronous and synchronous sessions. Harvesting each learner’s contribution is key to transferring new skills into the community.

English Education

19th Century Industrial Model

Out-dated Content

Onerous, inaccurate details lacking assessment, context or relevance

Rote Method

Grammar focus impedes conversation skills.
Industrial language study doesn’t include authentic listening or speaking practice.

No Accountability

Minimal legitimate impact on learners’, ability, autonomy or contribution.


Leveraging and digitalizing a successful education model

Scandinavian Education System – A Success Story

Changing Communities. The Study Circle – For Learning and Democracy

“Study circles more or less passed away in USA, they have ever since flourished in Sweden and Scandinavia. Still, nearly three million Swedes participate in more than 300,000 study circles annually…“

Literacy Rate reference : Canada Conference Board and article reference : Elsevier Publishing

The ability to write and speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate smoothly and effectively in formal and informal interactions on practical, social, and professional levels.



Intelligibility is the key outcome and it is unrelated to accent!
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Facilitated learning is active learning. The more engagement learners experience, the more responsibility they take for their progress, the more effective the training
Real-world LSRW Integration

Communication skills cannot simply be taught, they must be practiced

Structured and Active Participation

Maximizing online learning sessions, every voice matters.

Performance is Measurable

Real-time data, analytics aggregated across implementations

Facilitated learning empowers participants to take control of their learning process.

Participants learn with and from each other as they identify and implement solutions to a range of issues. They come to appreciate the value of their own voice, ideas and the contribution they are to the community.

Source : “Training the Trainer Resource Pack on Facilitated Learning ” by ICA-SAE


Communication Skills Development Learning Circles consist of groups of up to 30 participants
#ProductWho is it for?
1The Effective Communicator – Educator
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Teachers, Teacher-Trainers, Trainers, Administrators
2The Effective Communicator – EnterpriseExecutives, Management, Leadership, Sales Teams, Customer Support
3Opinions MatterSchool students 6-12 standard
4The Language Facilitator
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English Language Teacher, ESL
Learning Circles are facilitated online (synchronously) and digitally (asynchronously) over 18-20 hours


The Effective Communicator facilitated at Schools and Enterprises

The Effective Communicator is well-written and planned, especially the practical guidance. In fact, I benefited a lot from the live discussions. The guidance pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to participating in the next program. Thank you.

Rukmini – Pre School Teacher

Digital online creates a more effective learning environment because it allows more time to digest information. The combination of structure and freedom, effective time management, expanded world view, discussions with classmates and immediate feedback are some of the benefits.

Rakesh – Primary School Teacher

Learning on my own before the live sessions made me more accountable. This was important because it developed my skills, creativity and intellectual curiosity. Independent learning is about being active rather than passive. It is about working out the answers rather than being told.

Mangala – Secondary School Teacher

Everyone had the chance to speak out his/her opinions. We not only learned from the material but also each other.

I personally learnt about self-exploration, gaining knowledge, building confidence and expanding my skill set.

Getting communication skills upgraded is the need of the hour. I believe that practical learning is essential as it allows us to think past the theories which are taught in a traditional manner.

Honestly, it was quite a different course than I ever attended before. I feel it was very interesting and it inspired my confidence to express my ideas in English during conference calls.

I got pronunciation more than previous courses. I gained speaking accuracy for my future learning and work.

In English, I can talk to co-workers from Taiwan and Japan who I never talked to before.

Mabel – Customer Support

Vision 2023

Maximizing Teacher-Training Business Outcomes

Teacher-Trainers are a precious resource in any community.  Is it therefore incumbent upon us to effectively implement Teacher-Training? Combining your background and expertise with our model, content and technology will effectively maximize educational benefit, social impact, and business growth for your institute.

1Teacher Skills
Develop communication skills through the highly successful Scandinavian education model
2Educator Toolkit
Gain qualifications in digitally blended facilitation
3Business Outcome
Scale teacher-training in your community using our Singapore government-funded learning technology

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