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There’s Hope for Teachers who Suffer From Traditional Education

We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children. – Sir Ken Robinson.

Here’s 19 minutes you can watch when you are feeling brave. Click Here

My field is English as a Second language where traditional results are equally appalling. We can broaden his statement to:We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating – period.

Awesome. God bless Sir Ken Robinson for shining a light on the shortfalls of education. But how do we change the system?

Every teacher is a product of a dysfunctional system, a cog in the machinery that doesn’t serve students it perpetuates itself. I am a teacher and working for the Board of Education in Ontario, Canada I couldn’t make a difference because the Board had its hands full managing diversity, unions, pensions and the bureaucracy that protects its own assets and authority. Ontario Teachers’ is one of Canada’s largest institutional investors having reported $171.4 billion in net assets on December 31, 2015. Wikipedia

Students and learning are not on the agenda. Job security and investment returns are (we got an A+ in self preservation). Go ahead. Look up the issues on the table at teachers’ strikes. The fact that 40% of students graduate in Ontario functionally illiterate or that almost 100% of Adult ESL graduate unable to speak English were not concerns for teachers or schools. If we are waiting for school to fix itself it’s never going to happen. There are too many administrators and teachers winning from the system the way it is. Students are the big losers, and society and the future…

We entrust our children to the school system believing they are getting the best education available and that isn’t happening. We are getting free babysitting. Newcomers enroll in ESL school expecting to learn how to speak English and it never happens. We are taking their money and wasting their time.


Certified teachers can’t produce anything better than the myopic dogma they are indoctrinated in. As soon as teachers can admit they only know how to teach as they had been taught and accept they have no idea how to make a difference, there is hope for them.

The first step is admitting you are the problem! To be fair, teacher training is the problem. Who is going to fix that? No one.

There are solutions on the internet. Adult ESL students are finding solutions faster than teachers can re-educate themselves. Adult ESL students found this: English is Stupid, Students are Not

You can download the free PDF too lol. eis cover tiny with white border

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