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What’s New?

Thompson Language Center YouTube Channel – For You!

I’m not very good at technology. There is a special name for people like me – technophobe. I’m actually afraid I’ll break the machine (computer) when I use it. My children were impressed when I got a website, Facebook page and Twitter account. They helped me make PowerPoints and build my LinkedIn connections. After I made the first app nothing shocks them anymore. My kids might be politely impressed with my new Thompson Language Center YouTube Channel but I am ecstatic!

TLC YouTube screenshot

We videoed the last Teacher Training session in Toronto and broke the film down into 18 smaller videos. The videos are to support teachers using English is Stupid, Students are Not and entire the Speaking Made Simple curriculum.
Any English learner who can read English and would like to speak English more confidently will also benefit from English is Stupid and the new Thompson Language Center YouTube Channel as well. Enjoy and email if you have any questions.
Until next time,
Teacher Judy

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