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Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Giving Things Away

Nights are getting cooler, the dog days of summer are drawing to a close and it is the time of year thoughts turn back to school. As a long-time teacher of teachers this school year is going to be radically different for me. I’m going back to my roots and teaching students again! Not face to face but through the magic of the internet I’m working with a team here in Canada and far away in the Philippines developing an online student program that teaches – you guessed it – SPEAKING ENGLISH.

My tried and true speaking method found in the pages of my first book English is Stupid, Students are Not (EIS) is going to be available the Fall as a self-directed course called EPA  English. Stay tuned for more announcements about the launch. eis cover tiny with white border

Meanwhile, it would break my heart to leave the materials I use for teachers gathering dust so I’m going to GIVE THEM AWAY. Starting today I’m offering EIS to the subscribers who signed up on this site, then we’ll extend the offer to my LinkedIn connections and so on and so on…

If you’d like your copy stamped with your name or the name of your school and your email address please forward the information to: judy@thompsonlanguagecenter.com and I’ll get the link to your PDF copy out immediately.

I have given a few copes away already and the recipients were OVER THE MOON. It made me so happy to make them happy – I can’t wait to send you your copy and make you happy too!!!

Until next time,

Teacher Judy

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