How do you measure the success of the TLC methodology?

Besides countless testimonials from ESL students and teachers, we have conducted pre- and post-assessments of various student groups. In test groups at the university level, 100% of International Students recorded they felt more confident in their ability to converse in English after the first hour of the English is Stupid program.  Among student, teacher and administration attendees, all respond with positive evaluations.

Why is the TLC method more effective and more successful than other programs?

The Thompson Vowel Chart fixes the unfixable by providing a bridge from crazy English spelling to confident speaking. There are very few steps to the methodology, and hey progress logically with no exceptions.  The system works for all levels of learners.

When students begin to understand what is important for speaking English and how simple it is, their pronunciation of the language improves immediately.  They suddenly have the tools to communicate freely and confidently in the workplace, school and in their everyday lives.

Perhaps the most salient feature of the program is the independence it affords students.  They can apply the principles outside the classroom and at their own pace.  The results stay with the students long after class is over.

How can there be no exceptions to the 16 color Thompson Vowel Chart?

English is known as the “language of exceptions”.  Up until now, there has not been a rule or system that helps with pronunciation 100% of the time.  The beauty of the Thompson Vowel Chart is that it will capture the correct pronunciation of EVERY word in the English language.  The six absolute principals outlined in TLC’s English is Stupid text cover ALL of the necessary elements of effective communication in English.

I have never taught my students a phonetic alphabet before – is it really that important?

A good phonetic alphabet is like a good foundation for a house:  we don’t see it unless there is a problem. If you build your house on a sturdy foundation it will stand for a long time, but if you don’t, it won’t.  It doesn’t take much time to teach the Thompson Vowel Chart, but the chart will provide your students with a solid foundation on which to build confidence in their ability to communicate for years to come.

I have a number of ESL children in my classroom. Can your program help me get them up to speed with the other kids?

One of the best features of the English is Stupid methodology is that it applies to learners of all ages and levels of ability.  The text is lively and interactive, full of games and puzzles that have universal appeal.  Delightful animated characters within the text maintain levity and humor to the learning process.

Additionally, TLC has developed a full set of flashcards specifically designed for younger  learners.  The flashcard images are fun, colorful and customized for children.

Are there any support materials or services for teachers who are interested in adopting the program?

We are all about supporting teachers in adopting the TLC program!  Teachers often view our website to learn more about Thompson Language Center.  The website provides an opportunity to sign up for Teacher Judy’s Tips & Tricks [insert link here] which includes a free copy of the Thompson Vowel Chart and details on the English Phonetic Alphabet.  The Tips & Tricks newsletter arrives monthly with fresh ideas, interesting insights and best practices on the English is Stupid program.  Teachers typically start with the English is Stupid text to get a deeper understanding of the 6 simple and absolute rules of spoken English.  Invariably, proactive teachers are excited to use the format in their classrooms and employ the English Phonetic Alphabet Workbook, which provides more detailed ideas, games and exercises.  Additionally, TLC offers a full complement of classroom materials and certified teacher training to round out and reinforce their learning experience.

A more personal approach to familiarizing yourself with the program occurs when attending a TLC workshop, speaking engagement or teacher training session.  Workshops are customized for each group and are anywhere from a few hours to full weekend retreats.  They are designed to provide teachers with deep understanding and full confidence in the TLC approach.  Speaking engagements introduce general information on the program and will connect teachers with others who value innovative teaching approaches.  TLC Teacher Training is an intensive two-day workshop that includes a practicum with ESL students.  Upon completion of the teacher training program, participants are awarded certification that differentiates them from their colleagues and can contribute to career advancement.

Check our website for more details on Teacher Judy’s next presentation, or consider hosting one in your area and attend for free.  And of course, Teacher Judy is always available at [judy@thompsonlanguagecenter.com] to discuss each teacher’s specific learning challenges and successes.